Jewellery  Repairs

Professional jewellery repairs from your local Pakistan-based jeweller

Bring your broken or damaged jewellery to our Pakistan-based jewellery workshop for a free and non-obligatory inspection. Our senior goldsmith, professional diamond setter and qualified jeweller have more than 12 years of experience between them. Almost all items can be repaired, no matter the scale of damage, and you can be assured that you will receive the best price possible. Unlike many high street jewellers or chain stores, who have to ship their items off for repair, we repair all items in our own workshop – saving you from waiting weeks

Jewellery Repairs by an Expert Dublin Jeweller

Our expertise, experience, and our own senior goldsmith make ENGRAVE PAKISTAN the trusted jeweler for your repairs. We can repair just about all types of jewelry from broken chains, earrings, and bracelets; to delicate engagement rings and antique jewelry. Whether it is a ring missing a stone, a snapped gold chain, a bent earring, a scratched ring, or something far worse that it is no longer recognizable – we can repair, restore, or even recreate it.

Jewellery Repair Staff

We have 10 people on staff with a combined 12 years of jewelry experience. Jewelers of ENGRAVER PAKISTAN and Certified Master Jewelers including one former jewelry instructor. We have the latest technology in tools including a laser welder for those delicate and sensitive repairs. Our plan is always to receive your jewelry today and ship it back tomorrow for the quickest turnaround time in the online jewelry repair service industry.

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+92 321 4274117

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