About us

About Us

Jewelery items bearing an individual message are something very special for their wearers. Jewelery with an engraving is often a reminder of a certain day in the wearer’s life, represents the connection to another person or highlights the personality of the wearer. This makes jewellery not only an everyday companion and accessory but also a piece of memory with enormous expressive power!
Goengrave.com is Pakistan’s First Engraving Platform for Wedding & Engagement Rings, Bracelets & Necklaces. We help our prestigious & beloved Customers to create unique & personalized experiences for all of life’s occasions. We open doors in Lahore at Y Block, Phase III DHA Lahore, Pakistan.


It’s only ENGRAVER PAKISTAN if it makes you feel even more beautiful when you wear it! – CEO ENGRAVER PAKISTAN

ENGRAVER PAKISTAN was founded in 2008 by a globetrotting South American, Paula ENGRAVER PAKISTAN, who had just moved to Pakistan. She was passionate about creating a world-class JEWLERY store that offered everything women needed to beautifully accessorize their outfits. However, each piece had to pass her ‘personal wardrobe test’: that is, only something she would choose for herself or be happy to gift a dear friend.
A key ingredient of the famously glamorous Eastern dress culture is creative and extensive accessorizing that reflects a woman’s mood and personal taste. Colorful, stunning accessories and trendy apparel seek to accentuate a woman’s natural beauty and confidence. Eastern style is a practical tribute to all things beautiful, with little significance placed on whether it is made of pure gold or simply gold-plated, or set with sparkling crystals instead of diamonds. In the same spirit, Paula committed that ENGRAVER PAKISTAN would offer both value and variety for style-loving women in Pakistan; elegant products priced right and for all occasions.

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